Course description

"Learn Adobe Premiere Pro effortlessly with our beginner-friendly course! Unlock the power of professional video editing and unleash your creativity. Join us today and start making stunning videos in no time!"

What will i learn?

  • 1. Interface Familiarization: Navigate the Premiere Pro workspace with ease.
  • 2. Importing Media: Learn how to import various types of media files into your projects.
  • 3. Editing Basics: Master essential editing techniques such as cutting, trimming, and arranging clips.
  • 4. Transitions and Effects: Add polish to your videos with seamless transitions and dynamic visual effects.
  • 5. Audio Editing: Enhance your videos with crisp audio using Premiere Pro's robust audio editing tools.
  • 6. Color Correction and Grading: Learn how to adjust colors and achieve the perfect look for your videos.
  • 7. Titles and Graphics: Create eye-catching titles and graphics to enhance your storytelling.
  • 8. Exporting Your Projects: Learn the best practices for exporting your finished projects in various formats for different platforms.


  • 1. Computer / Laptop
  • 2. Adobe Premiere Pro Software installed

Sumit Nain

Typing Trainer

Hello Everyone! I am Sumit Nain, Founder and CEO of, I have more than 9 years of experience as typing trainer. I have achieved maximum English typing speed of 86 word per minute. I also achieved excellence in Hindi Typing too. I trained students, with special tips and tricks, to make them Professional typist within 45 days. If your typing speed is very low then also I can say I will give 100% guarantee! that within 45 days you will achieve 65 wpm speed after my course.

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2999 ₹



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12 Months



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