Hindi Handwriting Improvement

Improve your Bad Hindi Handwriting

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Created by Deepak Goyal
Last updated Tue, 05-Jul-2022
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Course overview
Handwriting is Mind-Motor coordination. We being the experts of the handwriting have trained more than thousand students and have got 100% successful results not only in form of improved hand writing but also we have groomed personalities, as handwriting is the reflection of one’s personality and Bad Handwriting is a problem for many people So Handwriting needs to be improved. Handwriting correction is not a quick program but it is the change that happens in all the stages of life . Our success rates have been experienced not only with the normal students but also with the students who have learning disabilities with underdeveloped mind and motor coordination.

Hence Join Us!!!!!! We’ll make you an expert of Handwriting 

What will i learn?

  • Writing Tips for Proper Formation
  • Improves Grades and Marks
  • Life Time Gift of Improved Handwriting
  • Cursive Writing Creates Best Impression
  • Confidence Building
  • Better Performance in Exams
  • Create Positive Impression
  • Brain Development
  • Computer or Laptop or Smart Phone
  • Notebook Single Line or 4 Line
  • Gel Pen or Pencil
Curriculum for this course
11 Lessons 01:31:48 Hours
Videos Section
10 Lessons 01:31:48 Hours
  • Day-1 स्वर अ से अ:
  • Day-2 व्यंजन क से ज्ञ
  • Day-3 मात्राओ के शब्द अ से ऊ की मात्रा
  • Day-4 मात्राएं ए से अं और चंद्रबिंदु के शब्द
  • Day-5 विसर्ग आधा अक्षर ऋ और रेफ व पदेन र- की मात्राएं
  • Day-6 शब्द की बनावट
  • Day-7 वाक्य लिखना
  • Day-8 पैराग्राफ राइटिंग
  • Day-9 पत्र की शुरुआत
  • Day-10 अंतिम निरंतर अभ्यास
Book Section
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Hindi Writing Practice Pdf Book
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Hello Guys! My Name is Deepak Goyal and I work as a Handwriting and Vedic maths Trainer at various institutes/ centers /schools. I have More than 10+ years Experience in this field...
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